Coated Electrodes for Mild Steel

Aufhauser E6010
Versatile, fast freeze, All Position Electrode for Steels

Great choice for welding on dirty, rusty, greasy or painted steel - especially in vertical or overhead applications. This versatile, fast freeze electrode offers excellent arc stability. A long-time favorite among operators who handle cross-country and in-plant pipe welding.

Common Applications: Field construction, ship yards, water towers, pressure vessels, pressure pipes, steel castings, plain and galvanized steel storage tanks.

Aufhauser E6011
Versatile, Deep Penetrating, All Position Electrode for Steels

Aufhauser E6011 is a steel electrode offering excellent mechanical properties in the welding of mild steels, galvanized, plated, dirty, painted, or greasy steel. It is an outstanding stick choice for AC pipe welding, for applications that require deep penetration, and in jobs where x-ray quality welds are required in out-of-position applications. Aufhauser E6011 operates on AC or DCEP.

Common Applications: Structurals, ship building and repair, rail cars, piping, pressure vessel fittings, boilers, galvanized steel, and general fabrication.

Aufhauser E6012
High titania coated - Smooth, uniform weld deposit - Thin sections and poor fit-up joints

All-position electrode.This versatile, high-speed electrode, great on sheet metal lap and fillet welds. It is also a great choice for welding poor fit-up joints.

Common Applications: Steel window frames, sheet steel, metal furniture, railway freight cars, automobiles, ships, pipes, castings and tanks.

Aufhauser E6013
General Purpose, All Position Electrode for Mild Steel

Aufhauser E6013 establishes a smooth, quiet, medium penetrating arc that is readily maintained with minimal spatter loss. The slag lifts easily, revealing a finely rippled bead contour. This quick freezing slag gives optimum performance in vertical-down welding. Aufhauser E6013 is ideally suited for general purpose welding, even with small AC power sources having low open-circuit voltage.

Common Applications: Various types of vehicles, ship building and repair, sheet metal, build-up of over-machined and worn mild steel surfaces, and general light fabrication.

Aufhauser E7010
High cellulose electrode developed specifically for welding pipe lines

Aufhauser E7010 is best suited for vertical up or vertical down welding. The E7010 yields a forceful arc with deep penetration, producing a weld puddle that wets and spreads well, with rapid solidification.

Common Applications: Carbon-moly piping used in high pressure, high temperature steam service and structural shapes, plates and castings, which have a 0.5% Mo content.

Aufhauser E7014
All Position Electrode for Mild and Low Alloy Steels

Aufhauser E7014 has an iron powder covering. The iron powder content yields a high deposition rate in all positions. The welds reflect smooth beads with fine ripples. Aufhauser E7014 is particularly advantageous when poor fit-up exists. The slag is easily removed, often self-lifting.

Common Applications: Heavy sheet metal, frames, shelving, general maintenance and fabrication.

Aufhauser E7016
All position electrode, with higher crack resistance for heavy duty steel applications

Optimum performance for vertical up welding of pipe, up to API 5LX-65, especially where a low hydrogen deposit is desired. Low temperature impact properties are excellent with this electrode. Also a good choice for heavy or highly restrained mild steel sections.

Common Applications: Ship hulls, rolling stocks, machinery, bridges, free-cutting steels, and medium carbon steels.

Aufhauser E7018
High Deposition Electrode for Low and Medium Carbon Steels

Aufhauser E7018 is an efficient, all position, iron powder, low hydrogen type electrode which exhibits excellent mechanical properties; crack resistance; and X-ray quality welds. This electrode offers a quiet, stable, low penetration, spatter-free arc. The moderately heavy slag is remarkably easy to remove, revealing a bead with distinct ripples.

Common Applications: Ship hull constructions, pressure vessels, boilers, piping, heavy duty equipment, and general maintenance or production fabrication.

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