Copper Welding Alloys

Aufhauser offers a comprehensive inventory of Copper Welding Alloys to match your process needs.


Aufhauser Trade Name Cu Al Zn Sn Mn Si Ni Fe Melting Point AWS A5.7/ A5.8 Description
189 Deoxidized Copper
98.0 - - 1.0 0.5 0.5 - - 1967°F/ 1075°C ERCu Coated Electrode | MIG/TIG/Torch
Used for welding of deoxidized and electrolytic tough pitch copper.
470 Naval Bronze
59.0 - 40.4 0.6 - - - - 1625°F/ 885°C RBCuZn-A Torch
Used to braze on steels, copper alloys, nickel alloys and stainless steels, the addition of tin improves strength and corrosion resistance in the weld deposit.
518 Phosphor Bronze-A
94.4 - - 5.0 - - - - 1750°F/ 954°C ERCuSn-A Coated Electrode | MIG/TIG/Torch
Can be used to weld bronze and brass, they can also be used to weld copper if the presence of tin in the weld metal is not objectionable
521 Phosphor Bronze-C
91.6 - 0.2 8.0 - - - 0.1 1880°F/ 1027°C ERCuSn-C Coated Electrode | MIG/TIG/Torch
Similar to 518, with higher tin content, for greater hardness.
610 Aluminum Bronze-A1
90.8 8 0.2 - 0.5 0.1 - - 1905°F/ 1041°C ERCuAl-A1 Coated Electrode | MIG/TIG/Torch
Iron free, used primarily for wear and corrosion resistant overlay.
618 Aluminum Bronze-A2
88.4 10.0 - - - 0.1 - 1.5 1913°F/ 1045°C ERCuAl-A2 Coated Electrode | MIG/TIG/Torch
Best choice aluminum bronze; versatile, with welding and overly capabilities. Used to join combinations of dissimilar materials, such as aluminum bronze to steel and copper to steel, and copper nickel alloys. It is also used as for wear and corrosion resistant overlays.
624 Aluminum Bronze-A3 (ERCuAl-A3) 85.3 10.8 0.10 - - - - 3.7 1900°F/ 1038°C ERCuAl-A3 MIG/TIG/Torch
Used primarily for joining and repair welding of aluminum bronze castings with relatively higher strength.
632 Nickel Aluminum Bronze
79.3 9.0 0.1 - 2.0 0.1 5.0 4.0 1940°F/ 1060°C ERCuNiAl Coated Electrode | MIG/TIG/Torch
An iron wire for welding aluminum bronzes, high strength copper-zinc alloys, silicon and manganese bronzes, and many ferrous metals. Also used to join combinations of dissimilar materials, and to overlay metal for wear and corrosion resistance.
633 Manganese Nickel Aluminum Bronze
72 7.8 0.15 - 12.5 0.10 2.5 3.0 n/a ERCuMnNiAl Coated Electrode | MIG/TIG/Torch
Used for joining or repairing of cast or wrought base metals of similar composition for high resistance to corrosion, erosion and cavitations, such as cast ship propellers. Also exhibits good ability to join dissimilar metals.
656 Silicon Bronze
92.1 - 1.0 1.0 1.5 3.4 - 0.5 1866°F/ 1019°C ERCuSi-A Coated Electrode | MIG/TIG/Torch
Popular alloy for TIG / MIG and oxyacetylene welding of copper silicon and copper -zinc base metals, and for many sheet metal applications employing plain and galvanized steel. Very popular for use in metal sculpture. All positions welding.
680 Low-Fuming Bronze Nickel
58.0 - 39.2 0.95 0.25 - 0.5 0.72 1620°F/ 882°C RBCuZn-B Torch
 A superior alternative within the RBCuZn family. Higher joint strength, better color match with stainless steel and cast iron, and easy machinability of the weld fillet. Often offers a low cost alternative to silver brazing of steels.

681 Low-Fuming Bronze

58.0 - 40 0.95 - - - 0.75 1630°F/ 888°C RBCuZn-C Torch
Low cost, versatile alloy. Used with torch, furnace and induction brazing welding on steels, cast iron, copper alloys, nickel alloys and stainless steel.
715 Copper Nickel
66.8 - - - 1.0 0.25 30.5 0.6 2260°F/ 1238°C ERCuNi Coated Electrode | MIG/TIG/Torch
For joining of most copper-nickel alloys with excellent corrosion resistant properties. Preheating is not required.
773 Nickel Silver
48.0 - 42 - - - 10 - 1680°F/ 915°C RBCuZn-D Torch
Used for brazing Tungsten carbides, copper alloys, nickel alloys, stainless steels,  carbon steels, and cast iron. Good color match to stainless steel. A superior alternative in terms of color match, joint strength and machinability. This is a low cost alternative to silver brazing alloys.
65 CopperFil
(CuSi3) (CuSi-A)
>93 - - - 0.75 2.8-4 - <0.3 n/a ERCuSi-A Copper based alloy used for the inert gas welding of copper base alloys. Commonly used in automotive systems, artistic foundries. For example, copper-silicon, copper-zinc and galvanized sheets. Also welded to steel and as a steel coating, suitable for surfaces subject to corrosion.

Nominal Composition