Aluminum Welding Alloys

Aufhauser aluminum welding alloys are thoroughly cleaned to ensure absence of all surface oxides and residual lubricants. The twice-shaved surface of our wires guarantees superior porosity levels, and diameter control makes certain that each weld is of consistent quality.

Our most versatile aluminum alloys are listed below:

  • Aufhauser Al-43 is a superior D.C. electrode with extruded coating for all maintenance and repair of aluminum and its alloys.

  • Aufhauser Aluminum Flux-Core is an all-purpose aluminum torch alloy for joining all cast and wrought aluminum alloys.

  • Aufhauser ALZN Solder is a soldering/brazing torch alloy for joining aluminum parts at a low temperature without the use of a flux.

  • Alloy 4043 and Alloy 5356 are our most popular aluminum welding alloys.




Use our Aluminum Welding Alloys selection guide to help choose the alloys appropriate for your applications.

Alloy 1100 is pure aluminum (99% or greater) and is strain hardenable. It is highly resistant to chemical attack and weathering, but would not be used where strength is a prime consideration. Rather the emphasis would be on those applications where extremely high corrosion resistance, formability and/or electrical conductivity are required.
This aluminum-copper alloy is heat treatable and has high strength at room and elevated temperatures. It is widely used in high strength structural, aircraft and truck body applications where superior resistance to stress corrosion cracking and high temperature properties are desired.
The 4xxx alloys are the aluminum-silicon family. With their high silicon content, they possess good flow characteristics and medium strength. they are heat treatable, with a low melting point and narrow freeze range. When welding, silicon allows for the complete filling of crevices and grooves in the joined pieces. When forging, the presence of silicon ensures the efficient filling of complex dies. Used for pistons and complex-shaped forgings.
The 5xxx series are aluminum-magnesium alloys that have moderately high strength, excellent corrosion resistance even in salt water, and are very tough even at cryogenic temperatures to almost absolute zero. They are strain hardenable. 5xxx alloys are widely used in construction, highways structures, storage tanks (including cryogenic), pressure vessels, and marine applications.



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