Maintenance Alloys

Aufhauser maintenance welding rods and electrodes provide color matched lean all-purpose scale-free surface metals for immediate project integration.

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Coated aluminum electrode welding rods
This general purpose electrode possesses superior fluidity. It provides dense, quiet arc with spatter free deposits and easy slag removal. Is a good color match to commercial aluminum. With its extruded coating, AL-43 is the smoothest aluminum electrode commercially available. Tensile strength up to 28,000 psi.
No oxygen or air supply required Use with A.C. or D.C. plant without additional attachments. Great for cast iron, non-ferrous metals, cast and stainless steels. It leaves a clean scale-free surface with no further preparation. Free from carbon pick-up.
Aluminum Flux-Core
Electrode for cast and wrought aluminum

An all position, general purpose electrode, Aluminum Flux-Core is corrosion resistant and provides perfect matching of color (darker upon anodizing). It is a state of the art all-purpose aluminum torch alloy for cast sheet or wrought aluminum with flux in the core.

773 Nickel Silver
Used for brazing Tungsten carbides, copper alloys, nickel alloys, stainless steels & carbon steels. Good color match to stainless steel, and is a low cost alternative to silver brazing alloys.
SuperBlue A versatile, multi-purpose electrode welding rods, suitable for welding wrought and cast alloys such as high carbon, tool steels, stainless steels, spring steels, manganese steels and dissimilar steels. This alloy has excellent impact and frictional resistance with high heat resistance and mild abrasive resistance.
NickelRod #99
For cast iron
With this extruded electrode welding rod, the weld deposit is predominantly nickel, hence the welds are hard, yet machinable. Excellent for joining, filling and buildup of all special cast irons. Exceed specs for AWS ENiCI.
NickelRod #55
For cast iron
The weld deposit contains less nickel than #99 and is more easily machinable. The arc is stable, bead shape is excellent and the deposits are smooth and uniform. The narrow weld fusion zone reduces the hard areas of the HAZ to a minimum. Exceeds specs for AWS ENiFeCI.
Aufhauser RCI
For cast iron
Suitable for full fusion welding of cast iron, providing a high strength weld metal which is easily machinable. It gives an excellent color match and has the same structure as gray cast iron. Use Cast Iron Flux.