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Flux plays a vital role in virtually all welding processes. Make Aufhauser Flux your choice.

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Flux plays a vital role in virtually all welding processes. Use of the wrong flux or a poor application technique can have a dramatic effect on joint quality.

There are also special fluxes for the brazing of tungsten carbide, stainless steel, aluminum bronze, and refractory metals; induction brazing; manufacturing flux coated rods; and reducing red staining on brass.




General Welding

Flux10 A powder flux for brazing and welding aluminum. A premium formula flux. Active in a range between 1080°F and 1140°F. The powder turns to a clear liquid when the proper brazing temperature has been attained. Can also be used as a paste.
Flux11 A powder flux for brazing cast or malleable iron with bronze rod. Flux11 is active between 1500°F and 2000°F. Joints are bright, clean, strong and free from porosity, owing to the scavenging action of the flux. Applications include industrial equipment, marine engines, and maintenance.
Flux14 A powder flux for welding aluminum and aluminum based alloys in sheet, extruded and cast forms. It is especially designed for welding 52-S, 53-S and the pure 2-S aluminum sheet employed in aircraft. This flux melts at 1060°F and has a useful range up to 1200°F. The flux is an excellent solvent for aluminum oxide and promotes strong weld joints free of oxide inclusions. Applications include aircraft, HVAC, home building and maintenance.
Flux17 A high temperature flux, works very well with ferrous metals, stainless steels, carbides and specialty alloys containing refractory oxides. Applications include carbide tools, industrial equipment, mining tools, fire extinguishers, jobs involving large parts and long heating cycles.
Flux52 A salt type flux used on zinc die castings, pot metal and DOW metals.
Flux505 A liquid flux for soldering with all soft solders. Use Aufhauser 505 (neutral) flux with any commercial tin-lead, tin-silver, tin-antimony soft solders. It is a general purpose, neutral, "noncorrosive" soldering flux for use on electrical devices, electronic parts, concealed joints, and for items where corrosion cannot be tolerated. It is active between 300°F and 500°F.
Flux600 A white granular powder flux. Works well on ferrous, non-ferrous alloys and stainless steels and is most suitable for use with low fuming bronze (C681) filler metal. Entirely free of fluorides, with a high boric acid content which permits the flux to stick to hot filler metal rods. It is active in a heat range between 1400°F to 2200°F.
Flux800 A powder flux for gas-welding cast iron with cast iron rod. The flux keeps the welding puddle clean and promotes the formation of non-porous, dense and uniform weld joints that are machinable. Applications include engine repair and general maintenance.
Flux900 A powder flux for brazing and welding magnesium. Use with Aufhauser AZ61A and AZ92A magnesium alloys. Aufhauser Flux900 is a special salt-powder flux formulated for magnesium. Active heat range is 950°F to 1300°F. It may be mixed with water or alcohol to form a paste. The residue may be removed with warm water.
Stainless Steel Flux A powder flux for gas-welding stainless steels and other chromium-nickel alloys. Especially formulated for welding both the 300 and 400 series of stainless steel. Promotes excellent weld joints; the glassy residue is self cleaning, exposing clean and bright metal. Applications include industrial equipment and maintenance.
Backside StainFlux A powder flux used on the back-side of stainless steel, with MIG or TIG welding. It is designed to take the place of an argon purge or ceramic backup tape. This flux increases weld penetration, reduces oxide inclusions, and significantly improves the quality of the weld. Applications include appliances, food and restaurant equipment, paper-making machinery, and maintenance.


High Production Welding Flux

SpeedFlux B2 Boron infused, high speed automation liquid flux for braze-welding steel and other metals with bronze rods, nickel-silver rods and silver solders. Flux is dispersed through the flame. Applications include all-surface brazing applications, building up shafts and spindles, automotive, sculpture, jewelry, HVAC and general maintenance.
SpeedFlux LPG Similar to the B2, but is intended for use with all liquefied petroleum gas systems such as MAPP and others.

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