Torch Welding

Aufhauser RG45

A general purpose, copper coated, low carbon steel rod that is widely used on mild steel. It offers good ductility and machinability. Aufhauser RG45 conforms to AWS A5.2.

Aufhauser RG60

A high strength, bright finish, steel welding rod which will respond to heat treatment, flame hardening and cyaniding. It is widely used for the welding of carbon steel pipes in power plants, process piping and other conditions of severe service. Aufhauser RG60 conforms to AWS A5.2.

Aufhauser RCI

Suitable for full fusion welding of cast iron, providing a high strength weld metal which is easily machinable. It gives an excellent colour match and has the same structure as grey cast iron. Use Cast Iron Flux.




Generally, a neutral flame may be used in applying Aufhauser RG45 and RG60; however a very slight excess of acetylene assures the absence of an oxidizing flame, which adversely influences weld quality. Generally, flux is not needed but "puddling" of the molten weld metal will bring any scale or impurities to the surface.



Both Aufhauser RG45 and RG60 are packaged in fifty pound bulk cartons.


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