Alloy 71T-1


Aufhauser Alloy 71T-1 is a general purpose, all-position flux-cored mild steel wire designed to produce superior mechanical properties that exceed the charpy v-notch impact value requirements of both E71T-1J and E71T-9J classifications. A diffusible hydrogen content of less than 8.0ml per 100 grams of deposited metal allows Aufhauser Alloy 71T-1 to adopt the "H8" designation in its classification. This outstanding wire produces X-ray quality weld deposits using either 100% CO2 or a 75% Ar/ 25% CO2 mixture shielding gas. Aufhauser Alloy 71T-1 has superb welder appeal because its smooth stable arc yields virtually spatterless weld deposits and generates very little fume. Out-of-position welding is made simple because of the fast freezing, but easily removable slag. Welders spend more time welding and less time cleaning up! Weld deposits are flat to slightly convex and have a bright luster.



Aufhauser Alloy 71T-1 operates over a wide range of current settings allowing for a greater variety of applications using just one wire. An excellent choice for single or multiple pass laps, fillet and butt welds on many grades of carbon steel. 71T-1 is typically used in shipbuilding, railcar fabrication, pressure vessels, heavy gauge sheet metal, earth moving equipment and many ASTM specifications.

  • Single or multiple pass laps, fillet and butt welds
  • Shipbuilding, railcar fabrication, pressure vessels
  • Heavy gauge sheet metal
  • Earth moving equipment



  • All-Position Flux-Cored Wire
  • Superior Impact Value Properties
  • Very Low Fume Generation
  • Beautiful Bead Appearance
  • Superb Operator Appeal
  • Spatter-Free Welds
  • Smooth, Stable Arc
  • Weldable in all positions



Chemical Composition
  Carbon Manganese Silicon Sulfur Phosphorus
100% CO2 0.08 1.22 0.46 0.008 0.013
75% Ar/ 25% CO2 0.09 1.41 0.55 0.009 0.013


  100% CO2 75% Ar/ 25% CO2
Tensile Strength (PSI) 79,000 92,000
Yield Strength (PSI) 66,000 78,000
Elongation in 2" 28% 26%
Charpy V-Notch Impact Energy @ 0°F avg 41 ft-lb avg 72 ft-lb


AWS A5.20 E71T-1 H8, E71T-1J H8, E71T-1MJ H8
AWS A5.20 E71T-9 H8, E71T-9J H8, E71T-9MJ H8


Diameters (inches) Package Form
0.035 10 lbs. spools
25 lbs. spools


Optimum Welding Parameters
  0.035" (0.9mm) 0.045" (1.2mm) 0.052" (1.3mm) 1/16" (1.6mm)
Wire Feed Speed (IPM) 500 450 375 325
Current (Amps) 193 260 300 405
Voltage (V)* 29 29.5 29.5 30.5

Reverse Polarity (Direct Current, Electrode Positive DCEP)