Aufhauser GROOVEES is a high quality cored electrode with a special non-conductive heat resistance coating that allows it to be run at high amperages. It is much like a welding rod, only in reverse. The electrode will act as a blasting force, enabling the removal of unwanted metal. GROOVEES can slice, pierce or gouge ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as stainless steels, cast iron, aluminum, and brass. It is excellent for removing old welds, enlarging openings, and smoothing sharp edges prior to welding.



  • No oxygen or air supply required
  • Use with regular arc welding machines
  • Leaves a clean, smooth surface, requiring no additional preparation
  • Free from carbon contamination



Diameter Length Amperage
3/32" 14" 80-150
1/8" 14" 170-300
5/32" 14" 225-400
3/16" 14" 250-450
1/4" 14" 350-600


Use AC or DC reverse polarity on regular welding machines.

For slicing, strike an arc at the point where cut is to begin, holding the electrode at a 5 to 20 degree angle. Maintain electrode contact with the metal once the arc is struck, using a continuous up and down sawing motion. Do not allow an arc gap. For piercing holes, hold the electrode perpendicular to the work metal. Once arc is struck, push the electrode through until metal is completely pierced and remove immediately. To enlarge holes, move electrode in a circular motion, until desired diameter is reached.

For gouging, hold the electrode almost parallel to the work. Use only a slight pressure to push the electrode forward to gouge metal. For deeper gouges, make several passes.