SilverAlloy A-69Ti-Active


Aufhauser SilverAlloy A-69Ti-Active is an active, brazing alloy that promotes wetting and good capillary action on several surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to join by brazing. The active components of this alloy promote wetting on, for example, ceramics and aluminum oxides (sapphire).


Brazing with Aufhauser SilverAlloy A-69Ti-Active provides a reliable method of bonding ceramic to metals (including stainless steels) as well as bonding metal oxides (like sapphire).


Chemical Composition
Silver Copper Titanium
68.8 (± 1.0) 26.7 (± 1.0) 4.5 (± 0.5)


Solidus 1526°F 830°C
Liquidus 1562°F 850°C
Density 5.0 TOz/in3 9.4 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity 127 BTU h-1ft-1 °F-1 219 W m-1 °K-1
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (R.T. - 500°C) 10.3 × 10-6 °F-1 18.5 × 10-6 °C-1
Recommended Brazing Temperature 1470-1650°F 800-900°C
Electrical Resistivity 20 Ω CM ft 34 × 10-9 Ω m
Electrical Conductivity 0.049 Ω-1 CM-1 ft 29 × 106 Ω-1m-1
Young’s Modulus 12 × 106 psi 85 GPa
Poisson’s Ratio 0.36  
Yield Strength 42,400 psi 292 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength 49,200 psi 339 MPa
Elongation (2 in. gage section) 28%  

* Aufhauser A-69Ti-Active is a composite material. The above properties apply to the alloy before it is used in the brazing process.


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