Aufhauser LayerMet (a silver-copper-silver "sandwich") should be used to braze large carbides to steels or stainless steels. By "large" we mean greater than 0.5 sq. inch (12.7 mm²). When brazing with LayerMet, the silver on each side of the sandwich bonds with the carbide and the steel. The copper in the middle (which melts at a higher temperature) acts to relieve the stresses caused by unequal rates of thermal expansion of the joined metals.

Other filler metals may include nickel and manganese to aid in carbide wetting and strengthening the bond; zinc for galvanizing and corrosion protection; and cadmium for lower working temperatures with higher mechanical strength and higher wear-resistant joint.



Aufhauser LayerMet is ideally suited for joining pieces with a surface area of at least 0.5 sq. inch, such as diamond and carbide cutting blades; bulldozer, snow plows, and earth grader heavy duty blades.


  Silver Copper Zinc Nickel Cadmium* Total Other
LayerMet A-40Ni2 40 30 28 2 0 -
LayerMet A-49NiMn 49 16 23 4.5 0 7.5 Mn
LayerMet A-50Ni2 50 20 28 2 0 -
LayerMet Cd-50Ni3* 50 15.5 15.5 3 16 -



  Liquidus Solidus Brazing Range AWS Form
LayerMet A-40Ni2 1435 °F / 779 °C 1220 °F / 660 °C 1485-1535 °F / 807-835 °C BAg-4 Strip
LayerMet A-49NiMn 1290 °F / 699 °C 1260 °F / 682 °C 1340-1390 °F / 727-754 °C BAg-22 Strip
LayerMet A-50Ni2 1305 °F / 707 °C 1220 °F / 660 °C 1355-1405 °F / 735-763 °C BAg-24 Strip
LayerMet Cd-50Ni3* 1270 °F / 688 °C 1170 °F / 632 °C 1320-1370 °F / 716-743 °C BAg-3 Strip


* Caution! Contains cadmium. Fumes are poisonous and can kill. Provide adequate ventilation and do not inhale gases and fumes. Read and understand American National Standard Z49.1, "Safety in Welding and Cutting" available from the American Welding Society. The use of brazing fillers containing cadmium may be restricted or banned in certain areas.


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