Silver Brazing Alloys

Bare and Flux Coated Silver Brazing Rods

Pre-flux coated with the correct amount of flux on rod. No dipping or preparatory work means a time saver. Suitable for work in tight spaces. Available both Cadmium Free and with Cadmium.

Aufhauser Flux Coated SilverAlloy is used for joining steel, stainless steel, copper, copper alloys, nickel, nickel alloys or any combination of these materials.

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Aufhauser Trade Name AWS A5.8 Ag Cu Zn Cd Ni Sn Solidus (Melting) Liquidus (Flowing) Color AMS/
Other Names Description
SilverAlloy A-25   25 52.5 22.5 - - - 1250°F/ 677°C 1575°F/ 857°C Brass Yellow   SilverAlloy 250 / Braze 250 An economical, high-temperature filler metal for ferrous and nonferrous joints not requiring high ductility or impact strength.
SilverAlloy A-25Ni2 BAg-26 25 38 33 - 2 Mn 2 1305°F/ 705°C 1475°F/ 800°C Brass Yellow     Cadmium-free, for joining of tungsten carbide, steel and stainless steel.
SilverAlloy A-30 BAg-20 30 38 32 - - - 1250°F/ 677°C 1410°F/ 766°C Light Yellow   SilverAlloy 300 / Safety Silv 30 Good for refrigeration assemblies where higher temperatures can be employed. Copper, nickel-silvers and other non-ferrous.
SilverAlloy A-35
SilverAlloy A-35FC
BAg-35 35 32 33 - - - 1265°F/ 685°C 1390°F/ 754°C Light Yellow   SilverAlloy 351 / Safety Silv 35 Used for brazing in the electrical industry and for brazing brass parts such as ships, piping, band instruments, lamps, etc.
SilverAlloy A-38T
SilverAlloy A-38TFC
BAg-34 38 32 28 - - 2 1200°F/ 649°C 1330°F/ 721°C Light Yellow 4761 SilverAlloy 380 / Safety Silv 38T The tin content provides good wetting on many difficult to wet metals such as stainless steel and tungsten carbide. Suitable for long heating cycles and in controlled atmosphere brazing without flux.
SilverAlloy A-40Ni2 BAg-4 40 30 28 - 2 - 1240°F/ 671°C 1435°F/ 779°C Light Yellow   SilverAlloy 403 / Safety Silv 40 Good corrosion properties with stainless steels.  Often used in joining of tungsten carbides.
SilverAlloy A-40T BAg-28 40 30 28 - - 2 1200°F/ 649°C 1310°F/ 710°C Light Yellow   SilverAlloy 402 / Safety Silv 40T Lower brazing temperature with narrower melting range than other cadmium-free classifications with similar silver content
SilverAlloy A-45
SilverAlloy A-45FC
BAg-5 45 30 25 - - - 1225°F/ 663°C 1370°F/ 743°C Yellow White Grade I SilverAlloy 450 / Safety Silv 45 One of the most popular alloy for general purpose brazing of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
SilverAlloy A-45T BAg-36 45 27 25 - - 3 1195°F/ 646°C 1251°F/ 677°C Pale Yellow   SilverAlloy 452 / Safety Silv 45T Good for dissimilar metals with moderate flow characteristics. Lower melting temperature than SilverAlloy A-45.
SilverAlloy A-49NiMn BAg-22 49 16 23 - 4.5 Mn 7.5 1260°F/ 682°C 1690°F/ 699°C Yellow White   Silvaloy 495 Low melting, free-flowing, cadmium-free brazing filler alloy suitable for brazing tungsten carbides.
SilverAlloy A-50 BAg-6 50 34 16 - - - 1270°F/ 688°C 1425°F/ 774°C Yellow White SilverAlloy 501 / Safety Silv 50 Widely used for electrical application, as well as in the dairy and food industries where the use of cadmium-containing filler metals is prohibited.
SilverAlloy A-50Ni2 BAg-24 50 20 28 - 2 - 1220°F/ 660°C 1305°F/ 707°C Light Yellow 4788 SilverAlloy 505 / Safety Silv 50 Used with 300 series stainless in food, medical and dental fields. The nickel element in SilverAlloy A50Ni2 also improves the bond strength when joining tungsten carbide cutting tips to steel. Good replacement for SilverAlloy Cd-50Ni3.
SilverAlloy A-54N BAg-13 54 40 5 - 1 - 1325°F/ 718°C 1575°F/ 857°C White 4772 SilverAlloy 541 Used for service temperatures up to 700°F (370°C). A-54N is a silver brazing alloy suitable for furnace brazing due to its low zinc content. Its broader melting range (250°F) is helpful where clearances are not uniform.
SilverAlloy A-56T
SilverAlloy A-56TFC
BAg-7 56 22 17 - - 5 1145°F/ 618°C 1205°F/ 652°C White 4763 SilverAlloy 560 / Safety Silv 56 Has the lowest brazing temperature, best wetting, and best flow of all the cadmium-free alloys.
SilverAlloy B-56Ni2 BAg-13a 56 42 - - 2 - 1420°F/ 771°C 1640°F/ 893°C White 4765 SilverAlloy 559 Good for elevated application to 700°F. Low zinc content reduces zinc deposit within furnace during brazing operation.
SilverAlloy A-65 BAg-9 65 20 15 - - - 1240°F/ 671°C 1325°F/ 718°C White Grade II SilverAlloy 650 Third lowest melt alloy of the "Silversmith Alloys". Good color match to silver.
SilverAlloy A-69Ti-Active   69 27 - - - - 1435°F/ 780°C 1650°F/ 900°C       Containing up to 5% Titanium, SilverAlloy A-69Ti-Active provides a reliable method of bonding ceramic to metals (including stainless steels) as well as bonding metal oxides (like sapphire). See complete list of Active brazing alloys
SilverAlloy A-100   99.95 - - - - - 1764°F/ 962°C 1764°F/ 962°C     SilverAlloy 999 High purity brazing alloy. Applications include aeronautical work, electrical and linear-beam vacuum tubes, automotive parts.
SilverAlloy BV-60 BVAg-18 60 30 < 0.002 < 0.002 - 10 1112°F/ 600°C 1328°F/ 720°C   4773
Grade 1 & 2
  Special alloy with very low level of impurities for vacuum brazing.
SilverAlloy BV-61 BVAg-29 61 24 < 0.001 < 0.001 - - 1166°F/ 630°C 1301°F/ 705°C Silver White Grade 1   Moderate temperature low pressure systems, in particular the electronic vacuum tube.
SilverAlloy BV-68 BVAg-30 68 27 < 0.001 < 0.001 - - 1461°F/ 794°C 1497°F/ 814°C Silver White Grade 1   For use on ferrous/ non-ferrous alloys, for brazing metallized ceramics to nickel-cobalt-iron assemblies, or joining glass to metal seals.
SilverAlloy BV-72 BVAg-8 72 28 < 0.001 < 0.001 - - 1436°F/ 780°C 1436°F/ 780°C   Grade 1   For strong, robust, integral joints: aeronautical applications, linear-beam vacuum tubes, power supply surge protectors, automotive parts. See complete list of Vacuum Grade brazing alloys
SilverAlloy Cd-25 BAg-27 25 35 26.5 13.5 - - 1125°F/ 607°C 1375°F/ 746°C Light Yellow   EASY-FLO 25 Less silver than SilverAlloy Cd-30 at the expense of increased melt temperature and range. Contains cadmium.
SilverAlloy Cd-35
SilverAlloy Cd-35FC
BAg-2 35 26 21 18 - - 1125°F/ 607°C 1295°F/ 702°C Light Yellow 4768,
Grade VIII
EASY-FLO 35 Broader melt range than SilverAlloy Cd-45. Suitable for larger gap clearance and easier filleting. Contains cadmium.
SilverAlloy Cd-45
SilverAlloy Cd-45FC
BAg-1 45 15 16 24 - - 1125°F/ 607°C 1145°F/ 618°C Light Yellow 4769,
Grade VII
EASY-FLO 45 Possesses the lowest brazing temperature of the BAg filler metals, allowing it to flow most freely into narrow clearance capillary joints. Suitable for work in tight spaces. Its narrow melting range is appropriate for rapid or slow methods of heating. Contains cadmium.
SilverAlloy Cd-50
SilverAlloy Cd-50FC
BAg-1a 50 15.5 16.5 18 - - 1160°F/ 627°C 1175°F/ 635°C Light Yellow 4770,
Grade IV
EASY-FLO Similar to SilverAlloy Cd-45 properties with narrower melt range. Used on same base metals. Contains cadmium.
SilverAlloy Cd-50Ni3 BAg-3 50 15.5 15.5 16 3 - 1170°F/ 632°C 1270°F/ 688°C Light Yellow 4771,
Grade V
EASY-FLO 3 Similar to SilverAlloy Cd-45 properties with narrower melt range. Used on same base metals. Contains cadmium.



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Indicative Silver Price: $27.85/Oz. T.

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